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Earth Trivia

I began my journey into website design with this little chunk of cyberspace, dedicated to the Curtis Earth Trivia shows in Florida and Pennsylvania.


Damion Wolfe

My second site revolves around the musical career of Baltimore-based singer/songwriter Damion Wolfe.


Heroes 4 Us

A website to promote Dr. Dennis Denenberg and Lori Roscoe's book "50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Know."



Pssst! You're looking at it, right now.


Center City Deli

This site tied in nicely with the interior of the restaurant, repeating the color scheme, complete with chrome trim. I was fortunate to design the logo and also painted two murals of stylized skyscrapers on two interior columns. (Unfortunately, this restaurant is no longer in business.)


Two Sisters Creative

This involved no designing on my part, since the clients were graphic artists themselves. But it was a learning experience, as I discovered the joy of the slice tool for table layouts.


Attitude Alley

The look of this site was based on their distinctive logo.


Chris Ivey

Chris is a world-class juggler and also a part-time graphic artist who designed most of the images seen on this goth-inspired site.


929 Customs

Chuck and Kevin of Attitude Alley have branched out, so I created this site to promote their awesome airbrush work and line of clothing.



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