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Amazon Jungle Mural - Maytown, PA

This two-wall mural was done for a 12-year-old boy's bedroom and featured animals found in the Amazonian rain forest: a jaguar, a toucan, a parrot, a snake and a monkey. For pictures, click here.


19th Century Cape May Mural - Philadelphia, PA

This four-wall wrap-around dining room mural was done in a simplistic, folk-art style and depicted Cape May, New Jersey, circa 1850 when it was sparsely populated. For pictures, click here.


1960s-style Kitchen Sink Mural - Lancaster, PA

A garish '70s orange and avocado green backsplash was replaced by this whimsical cartoon of a man and his cat bonding over dishwashing. For a wider view, click here.


Trompe L'oeil Exterior Window Cat - Lancaster, PA

A laundry-room window that had been boarded over inside became a canvas. Casual observers from the next yard over were fooled into thinking that a cat had made the sill her perch. For a close-up, click here.


Lighthouse Mural - Lancaster, PA

Another bedroom mural, this time for a boy who collected lighthouses. A small sailboat is shown on the other side of the window. For more, click here.


Daycare Center Hallway - Lancaster, PA

A collaborative effort between me and the parents of children at Franklin & Marshall College's Daycare Center. I provided the outlines, and the parents filled it in, like a giant coloring book. For more pictures, click here.


Africa Mural - Lancaster, PA

A simple two-wall mural for a boy's bedroom. His favorite animals were giraffes and rhinos. You can see more here.


Dinosaur Mural - Lancaster, PA

Once the above patron's giraffe was painted, his older brother also wanted a bedroom mural. His two-wall piece featured a seven foot tall tyrannosaurus approaching a volcano in the distance. Click here for more pictures.


Tree of Life Mural - Mount Joy, PA

A quote from the Book of Joshua wraps around an entire living room, bisecting the 18 foot walls and ends with a stylized tree of life. This one needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate, but you can see more here.


Skyscraper Columns - Lancaster, PA

To fit the Center City Deli's skyline theme, I painted stylized versions of skyscrapers on its interior columns. The challenge was in repeating the design for all four sides of the columns. Click here for more pictures.


Faux Fireplace - Lancaster, PA

A gas fireplace looked lost sticking out from a bare white wall, so the client asked for a fake stone fireplace behind it. A wooden mantel was installed on top of it later. You can see detailed pix of the paint job here.

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